January/February Flavors 2018

              Caramels                       Candy Coated                          Cheddars                      White Cheddars

     Gourmet Caramel                    Strawberry Cheesecake               Cheddar Cheese                   White Cheddar

      Caramel Pecan                        Red Velvet  Cake                           Ann's Chicago               White Cheddar Jalapeno

      Ann's Delight                          Blueberry Cheesecake                  Guadalajara                        Garlic Parmesan  

           Zebra                              Chocolate Covered Strawberry         Cowboy Corn                      Creamy Dill

       Tiger Butter                            Red Hot Cinnamon                       Bacon-n-Cheese                   Lotta Cheese

        Cinnamon                          Chocolate Covered Cherry


                                                           Birthday Cake


We strive to have all the monthly menu flavors available everyday.